Make your oboe announcement with us

Your oboe announcement in

Are you organizing an oboe concert? Would you like to publicize an event for oboists? Whatever your oboe announcement is, you can do it with us!

We put our social networks with over 2,700 followers on Instagram (@medina_reeds), 1,500 followers on Facebook (@medinareeds) and almost 100,000 visits to the web during the last year at your disposal.

We want to promote the world of culture and the oboist life, we want to transform ourselves into a whole universe for the oboist, so this space that we have created is yours too.

What do you have to do to get your ad on our networks? Write to us at proposing your event, announcement or whatever you want us to communicate and we will try to help you reach more people.

Any questions, we are also available on our social networks, follow us and we will keep you informed!

See you at

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