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10 Christmas gifts to surprise an oboist.

Christmas is just around the corner and the celebrations are many: Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, the Three wise men or Santa Claus … Surely you will also participate with some friends or family in games like “the invisible friend”. Either way, we give you the ideas to succeed with that friend who is an oboist;) All the gifts you see below have a very good price and will undoubtedly make his/her life easier and better.

  1. Oboe reeds pack: undoubtedly the most necessary instrument to make the oboe sound and emit a beautiful sound. In Medina Reeds you can find them for different levels: oboe reeds for intermediate students, for professionals, for beginners students, a special Jaime González reed model and even personalized oboe reeds.
Oboe reed medina reed
Oboe reed

2. Canes for oboe: If you want to give a really useful material, we invite you to get our canes for oboe. They will use it to create their own reeds and they are made with the best material: Selection.
The Selection material, as its own name indicates, is a material selected by ourselves following parameters of: hardness, flexibility, appearance of the fibers, color … between materials of different brands. We choose among all, the best and most beautiful pieces. We have different models: without form, with form, for students, for English horn … If you do not know which one to choose, ask us!

Oboe canes as gift for oboists
Oboe canes

3. Interchangeable staple Set Chiarugi: both tudeles and tudeleros are useful for any oboist, but this set is undoubtedly the most complete and a great gift for oboists.
It consists of four bases with different sizes, so that there are tudeles finished at 45, 46, 47, or 48 mm. With this contraption, the oboist will not need to make reeds in tudels of different sizes, but using the five heads to assemble, he(she will be able to intersperse them with the different bases. Price: € 18.00

4. Knives for oboe: the knife is an essential element to be able to cut and scrape the reeds and so they are to the taste of the oboist. The options are several: from a basic for beginners (€ 17.00) to other
models more professional. The maximum price in Medina Reeds is € 60.00 but there are many cheaper options. With the razor you will get the right reed shape because it has a high quality blade and a handle with good grip.

Oboe razor/knife
Oboe knife

5. Plaques for oboe: another fundamental tool for scraping is the plaque. There are several materials: plastic (€ 2.95), ebony convex on one side (€ 3.05), ebony convex on both sides (€ 4.85) and flat metal (€ 3.05). We can advise you to choose the one that best suits you, although we invite you to buy a pack with one of each so that the oboist can decide which one suits him/her best 😉

Plaques for scratching the reed of the oboe
Plaques for oboe

6. Swabs cloths for oboe: A good oboist knows how important it is to keep a clean the oboe. For this it is best to use a microfiber swab. In Medina Reeds you can find them in different colors so you can choose your favorite 😉

Microfiber swabs cloths to keep clean the oboe
Microfiber swabs for oboe

7. Chiarugi Shaper Handle: The handle serves both the oboe and the English horn. A tool for experienced oboists, who will undoubtedly consider it an amazing gift. Price: € 70.00.

8. Nylon threads for oboe: the fundamental tool for tying rods and also to give that personalized touch with the color you choose;) A gift that you will fall in love with. Price: € 7.26.

9. Ebony block for oboe: a very economical but very necessary tool. With the ebony block it will be easier for the oboist to cut the reeds. Price: € 5.00.

Ebony block for oboe

10. Tool kit for oboe: certainly the gift of the gifts. In Medina Reeds, they offer the opportunity to collect all the basic tools at once to begin with the manufacture of reeds offering two magnificent and inexpensive tool kits. The only difference between both is the razor/knife (you can choose it according to the level). The value ranges from € 89.06 to € 108.78.

Oboe toolkit

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