The 10 most liked oboe posts on Instagram

Do you want to know the most liked oboe posts on Instagram? Instagram is one of our preferred communication channels. We love it when you interact with our content, when you press “like”, tell us what you like the most about the oboe and our oboe reeds, or when you mention us in your stories 🙂

This social network seems great to us to be more connected with you and feel closer, that is why we have made a selection of the posts that have been liked the most on Instagram so that you can see them and tell us what you think too 🙂

The 10 most liked oboe posts on Instagram:

  1. Illustration of the oboe (441 likes): and you don’t need more than an oboe and its lyrics to make a work of art, don’t you think? We love this image too.

Claire Brazeau @oboejones (297 likes): we are not surprised because this talented oboist has great photos. Each one more beautiful. An oboist to fall in love with.

3. Publication of Women’s Day (294 likes): they deserved this space and it could not be otherwise they have achieved a large number of “likes”. Congratulations to all the female oboists!

4. Albrecht Mayer (255 likes): he is one of the most recognized oboists in the world, so the success of this photo does not surprise us. We love it too.

5. Definition of oboist with humor (250 likes): we cannot agree more with this definition but as long as it is with our oboe reeds of course 😉

6. Hélène Devilleneuve (245 likes): She was one of our outstanding oboists of the month and her interview was a brutal success. Head over to our blog to read it, like this post, it has been very successful.

7. Oboe painting (237 likes): We loved this image we found on Pinterest. It would undoubtedly be a great gift for an oboist, proven to be with the likes. Accompany it with some good reeds and it will be the perfect gift!

8. Richard Strauss Oboe Concerto by @ellysauloboe (235 likes): it is the only video on this list but it is a video that is worth watching and of course it deserves many more likes. Have you already liked it?

Wind musicians illustration (233 likes): this publication is highly interactive and shows a great variety of musicians. It is clear that it had to be on this list 🙂

Definition of oboe with humor (229 likes): it is mythical but it does not go out of style. This image and this definition continue to drive our followers crazy.

We take this opportunity to thank us for all the love you give us on social media and we hope that you will continue to support us as well because it is very much appreciated.

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