10 oboe jokes in images

We leave here 10 oboe jokes to make your day better 😉

Joke 1

“How many oboists does it take to change a lightbulb?” “Only one, but they have to try at least twenty to find the right one” “Crazy oboists.” “None of them WORK!”

Joke 2 – inspired in oboe reeds.

“Say ahhhhhhh!”

Joke 3

“Junior, splash a little water on Granpa… he’s starting to dry out.”

Joke 4

“Call it a clarinet one more time. I dare you.”

Joke 5

“Come on, son! It’s not polite to stare!”

Joke 6

“O·boe. -noun. 1. God’s gift to the Woodwind Section”

Joke 7

“And then the giant picked him up, stuck him in the top of a hollow tree! He bit his head and started to blow…”

Joke 8

“the Oboe sound spectrum. The different tonal colors the oboe is capable of achieving.” “Absolutely horrific” – “(no middle ground whatsoever)” – “Hand sculpted by an angel”

Joke 9

“ank Oonk heenk” – “I wish I could play the oboe.” – “It’s the most beautiful instrument of all time! It has a bracing, pungent quality all its own!” – “Yeah! It’s like a plugged-up nostril you can play sons on.” “Leave.”

Joke 10

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