Find in Medina Reeds the best reed machines for your oboe in collaboration with Reed Machines.

maquinas para cañas de oboe

Did you think our variety of products was wide? Well now you will see that we did not have everything, we were missing a line of products that we do now put at your disposal: reed machines of the best quality.

We have teamed up with Reed Machines to offer the best machinery so that you can also make oboe reeds to your liking and with the best quality possible.

Reed Machines is a company in which musicians and technicians work closely together to obtain the best combination of musical needs and technical possibilities. Their prototypes are tested by renowned musicians and they listen to every comment to improve their products even more because for them and for us, only the best is good enough.

All Reed Machines products have the same unique modular design. You will not need separate machines for different types of reeds. Due to the modular design and ease of use, you can switch between Templates types or change parts in minutes without losing high quality. Their products are designed for you.

At Reed Machines they share philosophy with us, they know that the smallest detail can make a difference, especially when making music. They spend a lot of time on research and development and use the best materials and production techniques. The results are high quality products easy to use that you can now find on our website, at the following link:

It is one of the few brands that machines are developed by engineers with the help of musicians (users).

We hope you liked this news as much as we do. We always work so that you do not lack anything 😉

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