5 oboe youtube videos love

5 oboe YouTube videos that you will love.

Today from Medina Reeds we have wanted to make a compilation with five YouTube videos about oboe and oboists of all levels and places, which will surprise you and you will surely love them! Hit ‘play’ and start enjoying these wonders.

5 oboe YouTube videos that you will love.

  1. Schumann – Romances for oboe & piano : II. Einfach, innig

The beauty and quality of this video are spectacular, but wait until you hear it in full to be even more impressed. We have been fascinated by the strength of this video and its sound. You canmiss this!

2. Tomaso Albinoni Concerto oboe

You will not be able to believe that they are only two little girls … But they are two prodigy girls without a doubt. His way of playing the oboe is fascinating. You just have to watch the comments to discover how much this video and its sound are capable of captivating the public.

3. Interpretation to the oboe of the main theme of the film “The Mission”

During the 2017 Summer Courses edition, Álvaro Márquez, a student at the International School of Music, interpreted the oboe as the main theme of the film “La Misión” after preparing and prelude. We found this video spectacular and nothing could stop us from sharing it with you:

  1. Hallelujah – Toms Abelis oboe instrumental Cover

Hallelujah is one of the songs that sounds the most on the street because of its beauty. The sound of the oboe when played makes it even more impressive and in this case the enclave that Tom Abelis has found is spectacular too. A mix of ingredients that make this video here. It is surprising the few people who stop to listen despite its beauty, but it does not leave us indifferent at all.

5. Star Wars Oboe Solo – Young Oboist:

This young oboist, his name is Stefan, he was only 8 years old and he performed so well at the Ann Lemke Oboe Studio recital in May 2011. Without a doubt the force was with him because his staging is fantastic.

And you? Do you recommend any other oboe or oboist video?

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