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Back to school for the oboist: must-haves for the oboe.

September has arrived and although this year we do not know very well what the return to school will be like, we do know that the oboe must be well equipped either to practice at school or to do it from home.

From Medina Reeds we have made this article so that you know the must-haves that you will need at this beginning of the course. The best? You can find them all at

Back to school! Must-haves for the oboist:

  • Oboe reeds: whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or professional, you should have oboe reeds on hand and it is best that you have more than one for what it can happen ? If your teacher cannot help you to scrape it or adapt it better to you, don’t worry! You can contact us and if you wish we can call you to explain the step by step. We like the closeness!
  • Oboe canes: it is always a must-have that you must have with you, why? Because surely you want to start or practice reedmaking, that is, the construction of reeds, and the truth is that it is something that as an oboist and oboe student that I have been, I highly recommend you. You will learn to better control the shape of your reeds, what your ideal reed is like and what to do to a reed to improve it and leave it just to your liking. If you know how to handle yourself or want to improve in this process, the canes you use are essential. For this, our canes are ideal, they are made with Selection material which, as its name indicates, is a material selected by ourselves following parameters of: hardness, flexibility, appearance of the fibers, color … blade by blade. Choosing between the different brands, to find the one that is working best at the moment. We select among all the best and most beautiful pieces.
  • Microfiber or silk cloth: because cleanliness and hygiene are essential to make the sound more beautiful and pure. In addition, with a good maintenance you will make your rods last longer. Choose yours, but don’t forget to always have one on hand!
  • Rieger Clean: It is essential in this beginning of the course, to maintain personal hygiene, of our reeds and instrument. Rieger Clean is a special easy-to-use reed disinfectant that aids in this process.
  • Plaque for the oboe reed: this tool is inserted between both reeds of the oboe reed, to carry out the scraping. A tool that if you don’t know how to use we will teach you how to do it but that we recommend you have in case your rod needs a little touch-up.

These are undoubtedly the must-haves that we recommend oboists to have at home to practice the oboe but if you also want to become an expert in reedmaking, our recommendation is that you get the tool kit to make oboe reeds, which includes all the basic tools to get started with making oboe reeds, offering two great and inexpensive tool kits. The only difference between the two, the razor.

You can find it here:

What do you tell us? Ready for back to school?

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