How to start your new oboe course well.

September has arrived and almost without realizing it, the oboe course is about to begin. Do you want some tips to start it on the right foot? In Medina Reeds we give you several tips and we offer you quality material so that this course you succeed.

  1. A few weeks or a few days before the course begins, start practicing regularly so that you can adopt the habit again, even gradually increasing the time.
  2. Set goals that you can achieve, place a note in a visible spot from where you rehearse and from where you can see your goals to motivate you to keep playing and to keep improving.
  3. Meet with a classmate before starting the course to generate a feeling of mutual support.
  4. Assign a prize or a reward: think of a prize or something that you can give yourself if you advance the course successfully.
  5. Very important: have qualitative material prepared in advance. We recommend that you have prepared a kit that facilitates the practice:
oboe reeds
oboe reeds Medina Reeds
oboe canes
oboe canes Medina Reeds
  • Oboe staples: the set of interchangeable staples is a very useful tool that cannot be missing in the perfect kit for the beginning of the course. With this element, you do not need to make reeds in different sizes of tunnels. Using the five heads that brings, you can use them with the different bases as you need and thus help you with the tuning of the instrument. In addition, another good option is the Gualco Staple, like the ones our founder Miguel Ángel Medina assiduously uses. They offer a sweet and pleasant sound in our oboe. You can find our options of tudeles at: Tools / tudelesytudeleros/
Oboe staples
Oboe staples medina reeds
  • Become the best of the course. Our advice o become the best and have everything ready is to get our toolkit for oboe. It has everything you need to keep your oboe always perfect: wire, knife, staples, reeds, canes… All the tools you need for your oboe reeds in a single kit… You can find it here: Toolss-para-oboe/
Kit oboe course
Kit oboe course

We hope that both our advice and our products can help you start and finish this course successfully.

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