como gestionar feedback para oboista

As an oboist, how should I manage the feedback and comments I receive?

Musicians, and oboists among them, receive feedback constantly, some comments are constructive but many others can be harmful so it is important to know how to manage receiving feedback from others. How to manage feedback for oboists: Whether you like it or not, a job in music, being something abstract and totally subjective, will undoubtedly...
comprar oboe

How to purchase your oboe in Medina Reeds.

It’s official! You can now buy your oboe at Medina Reeds. Yes! We know that you love our oboe reeds and that you always buy one of our magnificent oboe reeds for your oboe, because we are experts in this material, but… We wanted to go one step further! How did we do it? By...
Las diferencias entre cañas de oboe de raspado europeo y americano

The differences between European and American scraped oboe reeds.

The oboe experts are sure to have clear what are the differences between the oboe reeds of European scraping and American scraping, however, for those oboists who have doubts or are starting, we solve the doubts. With respect to these reeds there are differences in both playing style and aesthetic features. Both reeds and both...
mejor seguidor y oboista

How to become follower and oboist of the month

We have decided to launch a new initiative to reward you for following us, for choosing the oboe and for being by our side. To you who do not miss a single post in our networks. Today we are launching the initiative: follower and oboist of the month. Do you want to become our follower...
Resumen de Medina Reeds en el X Oboe Festival Palma

summary of Medina Reeds at the X Oboe Festival Palma

In our last blog article we already told you about the most awaited oboe event, the X Oboe Festival Palma organized from March 1st to 14th by Aula de Oboe del Conservatorio Superior de Música. Today I wanted to bring you pictures of the beautiful experience that the Medina Reeds team was lucky enough to...
The Agenda
X Oboe Festival Palma

X Oboe Festival Palma: The most awaited event.

The X Oboe Festival Palma is here! As every year, Aula de Oboe of the Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands returns to give life to the Oboe Festival Palma, one of the most popular oboe festivals. This event will consist of 6 days of individual and group classes on interpretation, instrumental technique, contemporary...
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