Carolina Prado oboista

Interview with Carolina Prado, oboist of the month.

Today we are interviewing Carolina Prado, a wonderful oboist, how do we know? Because we met her talent walking around Madrid, just this Christmas when she was playing ‘Silent Night’ with a fellow oboist and we loved it! You can watch the video here: We want to get to know you better Carolina so...
The Agenda
oboe festival palma

Everything you need to know about the XI Oboe Festival Palma.

It’s coming back! One of the events of the year for oboist, has a date! It is the 11th edition of the Oboe Festival Palma which offers six days of music with outstanding masters of the Oboe. When will be the XI Oboe Festival Palma? It will take place from March 13 to 18, 2023....
regalos de navidad oboista

The best gift for oboists.

Christmas Day is coming, also Epiphany in Spain! And we have the best gift for oboists. And no, we are not talking about an oboe, although of course, you can buy oboes in Medina Reeds 😉 Anyway, this time we are talking about an incredible novelty. Some time ago we published the image of a...

Black Friday has arrived to Medina Reeds.

The best discount of the year has arrived at Medina Reeds! We couldn’t leave you without Black Friday so we have decided that from Friday, November 25th until Monday, November 28th (included), we are going to make a series of discounts! Get ready, to get the best elements for your oboe! DISCOUNT ON OBOE MACHINES...
como gestionar feedback para oboista

As an oboist, how should I manage the feedback and comments I receive?

Musicians, and oboists among them, receive feedback constantly, some comments are constructive but many others can be harmful so it is important to know how to manage receiving feedback from others. How to manage feedback for oboists: Whether you like it or not, a job in music, being something abstract and totally subjective, will undoubtedly...
comprar oboe

How to purchase your oboe in Medina Reeds.

It’s official! You can now buy your oboe at Medina Reeds. Yes! We know that you love our oboe reeds and that you always buy one of our magnificent oboe reeds for your oboe, because we are experts in this material, but… We wanted to go one step further! How did we do it? By...
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