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Make your oboe announcement with us

Are you organizing an oboe concert? Would you like to publicize an event for oboists? Whatever your oboe announcement is, you can do it with us! We put our social networks with over 2,700 followers on Instagram (@medina_reeds), 1,500 followers on Facebook (@medinareeds) and almost 100,000 visits to the web during the last year at...

The 10 most liked oboe posts on Instagram

Do you want to know the most liked oboe posts on Instagram? Instagram is one of our preferred communication channels. We love it when you interact with our content, when you press “like”, tell us what you like the most about the oboe and our oboe reeds, or when you mention us in your stories...

Reedmaking Workshop in Fundación Barenboim-Said

On Friday 26th of March we participated in a reedmaking workshop at the Barenboim-Said Foundation together with Ramón Ortega, an oboist that we admire. We feel so happy, thankful and proud to participate in these types of events. We wanted you to be a part of it and because of that, we leave you here...

Important information regarding our deliveries

Warning! There is fraud activity going on regarding shippings and deliveries. If you receive a mobile phone message or an email from a shipping company regarding our delivery, please do not click in the link. It may be a virus! Keep in mind that our delivery company will call you if there is any problem...

The best discounts for your oboe!

The Black Week has arrived, in fact we wanted to take advantage of such as special day as it is today: the Musicians’ Day to launch our Black Week! Congrats musicians friends, today is our day! What is the Medina Reeds Black Week? It consists in a week full of discounts for your oboe! 5%...
maquinas para cañas de oboe

Find in Medina Reeds the best reed machines for your oboe in collaboration with Reed Machines.

Did you think our variety of products was wide? Well now you will see that we did not have everything, we were missing a line of products that we do now put at your disposal: reed machines of the best quality. We have teamed up with Reed Machines to offer the best machinery so that...
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