Oboe events
patrocinadores congreso afoes

We are sponsors of the 6th AFOES congress.

From the 2nd to the 4th of September you have an appointment with AFOES (Asociación de Fagotistas y Oboístas de España) and with us. This congress will be held in Barcelona but we will be broadcasting everything that happens through social networks. When will we be exhibiting our reeds, oboes, machines and accessories? Friday, September...
Oboe events
eventos oboe septiembre

Oboe events september – the agenda of the oboist

Summer is almost over, but let’s not be sad, we have good news! The September oboist’s agenda for the month of September is ready and there are some amazing oboe events for this month. September 1st: Public concert with professors and participants – Norddeutsche Oboentage 2022 More info: September 2nd-4th: 6th AFOES Congress in Barcelona....
Oboe events
eventos oboe agosto

Agenda of the oboist august 2022

August oboe events: The hottest month has arrived but that does not stop us from leaving here the best events for you to enjoy the oboe as much as possible with Medina Reeds. From July until August 21st: 25 Graus Summer Music Academy. More info: https://www.docenotas.com/162740/25-academia-musical-verano-graus/ August 2nd – 27th: san sebastián music fortnight 2022...
Oboe events
eventos oboe julio

Oboe Events July – Oboe player’s agenda.

Summer is here! Sunny days, more light and lots of heat but the oboe events continue. Do you want to know what oboe events there will be during the month of July? July 1st: Oboe Concert’ at the Casa de la Cultura de Campo de Criptana in collaboration with the Ateneo Musical de Campo de...
Oboe events
eventos oboe junio

Oboe events june – Oboist’s agenda june 2022

It’s getting warmer but that won’t stop auditoriums, stages and classrooms from filling up with oboe events. Do you want to know what oboe events will take place this June? June 1st Masterclass-Exposición de Medina Reeds em el Conservatorio Superior “Manuel Castillo” de Sevilla Alexander Liebreich, conductor València Orchestra at València More info: https://www.palauvalencia.com/en/evento/alexander-liebreich-director-9-2/ June...
Oboe events
eventos oboe abril

Oboe events April 2022 – The agenda of the oboist

The oboe events for April are here. One of the most desired moments for all oboists, when this agenda of the oboist of Medina Reeds arrives. April 1st Oboe Concert València Orchestra with Alexander Liebreich and François Leleux in Valencia More info: https://www.palauvalencia.com/en/evento/alexander-liebreich-director-9-2/ April 2nd Myths and Dreams, Contemporary oboe recital to include music by...
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