The Agenda

Oboe Events in December – The Oboist’s Agenda:

Welcome December, a month filled with celebrations and music! At Medina Reeds, we present the most outstanding oboe events for you to fully enjoy the last melody of the year. From intimate performances to vibrant festivals, we will explore the musical gems that December has in store for oboe enthusiasts. Join us and immerse yourself...
The Agenda

November oboe events – The oboist’s agenda:

November is just here and with it comes exciting oboe events that music lovers won’t want to miss! At Medina Reeds we leave you the best oboe events so you don’t miss the opportunity. We’ll explore the notable performances, concerts, and festivals that will fill the month of November with the unique beauty of the...
The Agenda
eventos oboe octubre

October oboe events – The agenda of the oboist:

The leaves begin to fall and everything is tinged with a magical autumn air. Now that the cold is approaching and back to school is already established, it is time for music. In Medina Reeds we leave you the best oboe events so you do not miss the opportunity. Oboe events october October 1st: International...
The Agenda
eventos oboe agosto 2023

Oboe Events August 2023 – Agenda of the oboist

In Seville we are experiencing some heat, but we don’t mind as long as we are accompanied by good oboe music. Do you want to see the events we have prepared for you this month? Don’t miss them! Oboe events August 2023: August 2nd: IWCMF: Summer for the City of Lincoln Center in New York...
The Agenda
eventos oboe julio

Oboe Events July 2023 – Agenda of the oboist

I don’t know about you, but in Seville, it is really warm! That’s why we have started working on the best oboe events for this month. 30 July 2023 registration deadline for: International oboe, cello and chamber music masterclass with Jaime González, Bruno Lucas and Donato Reggi. For information about the cost and the registration...
oboe festival palma

Everything you need to know about the XI Oboe Festival Palma.

It’s coming back! One of the events of the year for oboist, has a date! It is the 11th edition of the Oboe Festival Palma which offers six days of music with outstanding masters of the Oboe. When will be the XI Oboe Festival Palma? It will take place from March 13 to 18, 2023....
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