The Agenda
In Music online

Sponsors of the In Music online oboe festival

Under the Artistic Direction of the illustrious musician Tiago Coimbra, InMusic announces the “1st Online Oboe Festival.” Thus begins the announcement that In Music has launched on its social networks to carry out an initiative that… We love it! The best? They have chosen the oboe as the first instrument for this festival, which means...
The Agenda

the Agenda: March 2020

Oboist’s agenda – March 2020 We have already prepared the events for oboists this March! You can find them all in the Medina Reeds oboist diary: CNDM. AKADEMIE FÜR ALTE MUSIK BERLIN 2 march (Berlin) More information: FRANÇOIS LELEUX IN CONCERT 2 march (London) More information: PROKOFIEV’S QUINTET IN G MINOR 3 march...
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