Gifts for the oboist according to budget

Gifts for the oboist according to budget.

Is your son or daughter an oboist? Do you have a friend who plays the oboe? Is your partner a professional oboist? If you know someone who is an oboist and you don’t know what to give as a present to them yet, do not worry! We have the best gifts for oboists.

What to give as a gift to an oboist? In this case from Medina Reeds we are going to give you some ideas based on budget.

Gifts for the oboist according to budget.

A gift for the oboist of around € 5: if your budget is limited or you just want to have a little detail with your favorite oboist, the best option is the Rieger Clean: a disinfectant for all types of reeds (oboe, English horn, love oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone … Which has proven to be effective against the Coronavirus.

Rieger Clean as a gift for the oboist

Gifts for the oboist around € 10: Our oboe reeds for students are around this price, making it a perfect gift for beginning oboists, as well as oboe canes. Another option is to purchase a microfiber cloth to clean the oboe or some ebony block that will help you to firmly hold the gouged blade piece to mark its center before bending and shaping.

Oboe reeds as a gift for the oboist

Gifts for the oboist between € 15 and € 20: we have three very good options that any oboist who will surely appreciate very much: the professional oboe reeds that we make with so much love and of which we also offer various models. Our oboe canes are also around that price and are made with Selection material, of the highest quality. Another fantastic gift is our Chiarugi interchangeable lead set, a set of lead heads for oboe reeds, consisting of four bases with different sizes, so that leads are finished at 45, 46, 47, or 48 mm.

Set for the oboist as a gift

Gifts for the oboist between € 30 and € 50: we have two types of music stands recommended for their quality and that will give the oboist comfort and security when reading their scores. We also have some very useful tuners and metronomes in this budget.

music stands, tuners o metronomes as gifts for the oboist

Regalos para el oboísta de alrededor de 50: sin duda las navajas son una fantástica opción para que ese oboísta se aventure y destaque en el proceso de reedmaking.

Gifts for the oboist between € 50 and € 100: in this budget we find the best gifts, since you can buy 2 tool kits to make complete oboe reeds. One for students for € 78.51 and another for professionals for € 90.91.

Tools kit for the oboist as a gift

Gifts for the oboist over € 100: if you have a bigger budget and want to surprise your favorite oboist, we recommend you take a look at our oboe machines. We have a great variety and it is without a doubt the gift with which you will be sure.

Oboe machines as gifts for the oboist

*All prices are without taxes

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