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How to become follower and oboist of the month

We have decided to launch a new initiative to reward you for following us, for choosing the oboe and for being by our side. To you who do not miss a single post in our networks.

Today we are launching the initiative: follower and oboist of the month. Do you want to become our follower and oboist of the month? Being the follower of the month has a prize. Keep reading because we tell you all about it.

What does it mean to be the follower and oboist of the month?

It means you are part of the Medina Reeds family, of course! But you will also have the privilege of receiving a special discount just for you. You already know that it is not usual for us to work with discounts, but it will be your reward 😉

In addition, if you want you will have the possibility to appear in our blog through an interview or the information you want to give us.

How can I become a follower and oboist of the month?

Very simple, we will choose one person each month from among:

  • The people who likes the most our posts
  • The people who comments the most our posts in social media

We want to turn @medina_reeds Instagram and Facebook into social networks full of movement.

Will you help us?

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