how to choose oboe reeds students

How to choose oboe reeds for students according to the course.

One of the questions that parents and students ask us the most at Medina Reeds is which oboe reeds should I choose? At first it can be tricky to find the perfect reeds for each level or each course, but little by little each oboe student realizes which reeds work best for him/her.

To make it easier in Medina Reeds we have enabled an option within the student reeds section: that allows you to choose the oboe reed according to the course.

How to choose oboe reeds for students:

The steps are very simple:

  1. Go to the following link with oboe reeds for students:
  2. For beginning oboists we recommend entering Cañas oboe MAMMUT student:
  3. For semi-professional oboists we recommend entering semi-professional oboe reeds:
  4. Within both links you will find a drop-down panel with: options for the course, options for hardness

It’s that simple to choose your oboe reeds at Medina Reeds!

Of course if you have any questions regarding the hardness or any other issue we are always open and available to resolve them. Our goal is to make life easier for all oboists and yes! Also to the parents of our youngest oboists.

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