disinfectant spray for oboe reeds

How to disinfect reeds for the oboe, the clarinet and other wind instruments.

The situation we are currently experiencing has made hygiene essential. Disinfecting and sanitizing is a new activity that has been incorporated into our daily routine.

At Medina Reeds we are very aware of the importance of maintaining correct hygiene and safety standards so that all our products: from oboe reeds to our oboe tool kits so they arrive to your home in perfect condition.

In addition, we are always available to answer questions in order to help you. One of the most frequent doubt that we are getting asked is the following question: how can I disinfect my oboe reeds safely?

Tips on hot to disinfect reeds:

At Medina Reeds, we have the answer! The Rieger Clean: a disinfectant spray for oboe reeds, clarinet reeds or any other wind instrument that requires reeds. This product has already been incorporated into our product catalog because it seemed essential that you could have it.

This disinfectant spray for reeds is very easy and fast to use as well as being comfortable to transport. In addition, it has been tested and is very effective against viruses and bacteria. It is pH neutral, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritating.

It also does not contain alcohol or other chemical additives, which makes it very respectful with the reed so that it does not wear out or spoil before its time.

How to Use: spray a couple of times on the oboe reed or fill a small container and immerse the reed for at least 30 seconds.

This is undoubtedly the product that answers the question, how to disinfect oboe reeds? Don’t you think?

Although from Medina Reeds we recommend always using our own reeds and not sharing them, maintaining personal hygiene, cleaning hands and teeth, and not depositing the reeds on any surface not previously disinfected.

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