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How to purchase oboe reeds for students

Has your son or daughter developed a great passion for the oboe and you don’t know where to find or how to purchase reeds to make their oboe sound fantastic right out of the box? Do not worry! You are in the right place.

We are Medina Reeds an international company dedicated to the oboe and the world of the oboist, whatever you are looking for for your little oboist, you will find it here!

In fact… Did you know that we have an exclusive section for student oboists? It is very easy to find it because it is in the main menu of our website but we indicate it in the following image:

A selection of products for student oboists:

We don’t just have reeds for student oboists! You will also find canes, tools and accessories, everything so that those who are starting in this world can also take their first steps in “reedmaking” the wonderful art of making oboe reeds.

How do I know what my little oboist needs?

It is true that it can be difficult for those parents who are not musicians to know what are the accessories, elements or tools necessary for the practice of the oboe, but again, do not worry!

At Medina Reeds we are here to help you and you can write, call or contact us in the simplest way, even by whatsapp to ask me your questions. I have also been a student oboist and have gone through some trouble or other so in addition to my shop, you have my knowledge and my experience at your disposal.

Here are the easiest ways to contact me:


Call or whatsapp: +34 685 826 807

Through Instagram by message: @medina_reeds

Via Facebook by message: @MedinaReeds

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