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How to purchase your oboe in Medina Reeds.

It’s official! You can now buy your oboe at Medina Reeds. Yes! We know that you love our oboe reeds and that you always buy one of our magnificent oboe reeds for your oboe, because we are experts in this material, but… We wanted to go one step further!

How did we do it? By putting oboes for sale on our website! If you can’t find them in the online store, don’t worry it’s because we haven’t had time to upload them yet, but they are already available and we have different models to choose from 😉

How do I know which oboe to purchase? Very simple! Write us and tell us what course you are in or at what level you play the oboe. We have different options from different high quality brands such as S.Bulgheroni or Josef. Miguel Angel Medina our founder and professional oboist will give you the best recommendations.

How can you contact us to purchase your oboe? We leave you several options: by email to, by phone at +34 685 82 68 07 (preferably by whatsapp) and on our social networks: Instagram and Facebook.

How can I pay for my oboe? When you contact us we will give you a price and send you photos of the oboe model you purchase, and we will also provide you with the payment methods with the security of Medina Reeds.

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