participación en XI Oboe Festival Palma

This was our participation in XI Oboe Festival Palma.

We already reported it! From March 13 to 18 was held the XI Oboe Festival Palma in the Balearic Islands. 6 days of music with outstanding oboe masters such as Thomas Indermühle, Bruno Lucas, Javier Arnal, Dudu Carmel, Magí Garcías, Jose Antonio Masmano, Daniel Fuster, Arie van der Beek and Petar Hristov.

In this article you can see it better: Everything you should know about the XI Oboe Festival Palma. And now we want to show you in pictures how was our participation in this fantastic event that we shared hand in hand with Reeds Machines, Philidor and Josef.

In this event we demonstrated the use of these reedmaking machines, in addition to showing all the products of the online store Medina Reeds. The oboists and customers were able to tour the stands and talk with our founder and oboist Miguel Angel Medina.

If you also have any doubts or questions, we are at your disposal! You can call or write and we will be happy to help you.

Don’t forget to follow us at @medina_reeds for more information.

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