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Interview to María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month of March

On this occasion we travel to Ecuador, a country of extraordinary beauty and with incredible oboists like María Belén Pérez, to whom we have awarded the title of oboist of the month.

We want to know you better María Belén so there are our questions.

Interview with María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month of March.

1.When exactly did you start playing the oboe?
I started when I was 8 years old at the Conservatory of Music in my city Ambato

2. Why did you decide to play this instrument?
At first it was my father’s decision because he is also a musician and loves the sound of this instrument, soon it also fascinated me and I could not give it up. I realized that I had always heard it in movies, in songs, but I had no idea that it was the oboe when I was listening to it.

3.Do you play any other instrument?
Yes, I play the piano a little, I am learning the guitar.

4. How much time do you spend playing the oboe daily?
I study for three to four hours daily.

5. Is there an oboist or musician that inspires you especially?
There are so many oboists who inspire me to fly very high, listening to them makes me feel invincible like Albrecht Mayer, Francois Leleux, Heinz Holliger, Céline Moinet, Ramón Ortega, Jorge Pinzón and many more. I admire their effort, their perseverance, their dedication and they inspire me to keep pushing myself every day.

6. What feelings would you say the oboe transmits to you?
Depending on the works that I listen to, I have managed to feel peace, tranquility, love, sweetness, pain and also strength, courage, fortitude. That sound is so sweet and melodious but at the same time so imposing, I really love it.

7. What do you find the most difficult about playing the oboe?
I consider some things difficult, for example it has been very complex for me not to have a permanent teacher who can guide me throughout my learning process.

Making oboe reeds is really an art, an exact and complicated art, but not impossible.

Mastering the technique of the instrument is something that requires a lot of study.

Get a good sound, get it projected.

8. Have you experienced any curious anecdote related to your studies as an oboist?
For my university studies I had to travel to another city (Cuenca) that is 7 hours from mine, I had new experiences as an oboist because in my city Ambato there is no Symphony Orchestra, and by traveling to Cuenca I was able to be part of His Orchestra was really incredible, it was a dream come true. I also joined the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Cuenca in which I was able to be a soloist on two occasions. With this beautiful Orchestra we have interpreted fantastic repertoires, I was even able to travel to Colombia where we interpreted “La Mision” by Morricone and the Ninth Symphony by Beethoven and I as oboe 1. It was quite exciting. I have been able to be a soloist with the Loja Symphony which I think is the most beautiful thing I have experienced in life so far. As an oboist I have managed to live such fascinating experiences that I will never forget.

9.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Creating a Symphony Orchestra in my city because there is so much talent in it.

Knowing many countries and we play my oboe in each of them.

10. Anything you want to share with Medina Reeds readers?
I am very happy being an oboist, it is a magical instrument that not many people have the privilege of playing. I am very grateful for so many wonderful things that I have been able to experience through music and I hope to continue living many more experiences. I can tell you to never get discouraged and fight for every dream we have because we truly deserve everything we dream of.

Thank you very much for your time María Belén! I would also like to emphasize that you have a beautiful profile on Instagram.

Great thank you very much ?

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