Interview Ron Cohen Mann

Interview with Ron Cohen Mann.

Oboist of the month of november.

In Medina Reeds we are extremely happy to introduce you our new oboist of the month: Ron Cohen Mann (@oboeron). This amazing oboist brings brightness, professionalism, and optimism through their social media, especially their Instagram and YouTube channels. We love everything you post Ron!

We could say a lot about Ron but instead, we recommend you take a look at their website and biography here:

Interview with Ron Cohern Mann:

    1. When exactly did you start playing the oboe? I started playing the oboe in June of 2005. I played flute and piano before that. I was fortunate to start right away with a teacher who helped me navigate the challenges of reeds, intonation, and tone production.
    1. Why did you choose this instrument? I chose the oboe due to its unique sound. It’s so evocative and heart-wrenching. Even today I am totally wowed hearing world-class oboe playing.
    1. How much time do you dedicate to the oboe every day?
    24 hours, or more if I have time to spare! Just kidding! There is a sense of dedication to the craft of playing the oboe and making reeds to support that even when you’re going about your day. If you don’t know when the next time you will make reeds is, how will you know if you have enough reeds to do what you need to do?
    1. Is there any oboist or musician that especially inspires you? All my former teachers have inspired me. They each have their own approach to the oboe and music-making. I feel lucky to have had such wonderful mentors in my life: Beth Orson, Sherry Sylar, and Stephen Taylor.
    1. What do you find the most difficult thing about playing the oboe? Mendelssohn 3. I can’t tell you why, but I find it to be about the least fun excerpt to play. It seems like even if I play it in my practice room 100 times perfectly in a row, it still feels dicey in an audition.
Interview with Ron Cohen Mann
Ron Cohen Mann
    1. You are very active in IG and YT, why so? What is what you like the most about it?
    I have found creating content online fulfilling and interesting. It’s been a great way to connect with musicians around the world and learn more about products, approaches, and styles in the double reed world.
    1. Have you experienced any curious anecdote related to your studies as an oboist? Yes! I have a funny story when I recently was doing some research about fictional characters that play a musical instrument for Wilfrid Laurier University, where I teach. I was googling all sorts of phrases like “fictional bassoonists” when I found an old reddit post about bassoon fanfiction, including a story about a bassoonist that had to collect different color reeds like in a recent Avengers movie. I thought this was the funniest things I had ever read, and never thought in my life someone would write double reed-related fanfiction. If you are the author of this post, thanks for the laugh!
    1. What is the most important thing for you in the oboe reeds? For me, the reed must be up-to-pitch with good response. What good is a beautiful tone if you can’t enter quietly on a low C#, or feel that your phrasing is inhibited by a reed that doesn’t speak?
    1. What do you like most about being an oboe educator? I’ve always felt passionately about teaching. I come from a family of teachers: my mother and grandmother were both teachers. Seeing my students make progress and doing their best to apply knowledge gained in their lessons is the best feeling. I love helping players come closer to reaching their expressive and technical goals.
    1. Anything you would like to share with Medina Reeds readers?
    Practice smart, listen to concerts, and enjoy every moment!

Thank you very much for your time, Ron!

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