interview fran alvarez oboist

Interviewing Fran Álvarez, oboist of the month of December.

This time we wanted to interview an oboist who is very close to our headquarters. His name is Fran Álvarez and we have him very close in Santiponce (Seville)

We want to know you better Fran so here are our questions.

Interviewing the oboist Fran Álvarez:

When did you start playing the oboe?

I started at the “Manuel Cabalgante” School in Salteras at the age of 6, although at 5 I learned music theory.

Why did you decide on this instrument?

Because I have a brother who is also an oboist, I wanted to follow in his footsteps, deciding on his same instrument. I thought that in the future it would help me if I had any difficulties.

How much time do you spend daily on the oboe?

Normally about 3 hours a day not counting the work of making reeds. Counting such time, it would extend to approximately 5 hours.

Is there an oboist that inspires you?

At the international level, it is inevitable not to listen to François Leleux or Ramón Ortega among others.

However, my old teacher Jacobo Díaz also inspires me a lot, because of his way of treating students and seeing music.

Of all your achievements as an oboist, which one would you choose?

One of my best moments with the oboe was a trip to India to play with an orchestra. It was an unforgettable experience that music has given me. Another achievement could be playing with my brother in any musical group, it is a beautiful experience.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting in the world of music and wants to be a professional oboist?

One piece of advice I could offer is: despite being a very difficult world, you have to be patient and to spend a lot of time, although the reward will be much greater. Everything is achieved based on effort and desire.

Can you tell us any anecdote about your career as an oboist?

While meeting with the Young Baroque Orchestra of Andalusia, we realized that the program “Cuarto Milenio” was going to be broadcast that week in the place where we were staying. The day of its broadcast, the whole orchestra met to see it together.

Do you currently play the oboe professionally or do you have it more as a hobby?

I am currently in the 3rd year of Higher Grade at the CSM “Manuel Castillo” and I am taking this career professionally. Later, I will continue training as a professional

Before you won the Halloween raffle, did you know Medina Reeds? What do you think of this great little universe for the oboist that we are trying to create?

I knew Medina Reeds and consume their products frequently due to their high quality.

I think it is a great help for all oboists who try to grow in this area.

Anything you want to share with Medina Reeds readers?

Today, I am very happy for having chosen this instrument and for all that music has given me, where I have always received support and love from my loved ones.

Thank you very much for your time Fran!

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