November oboe events – The oboist’s agenda:

November is just here and with it comes exciting oboe events that music lovers won’t want to miss! At Medina Reeds we leave you the best oboe events so you don’t miss the opportunity. We’ll explore the notable performances, concerts, and festivals that will fill the month of November with the unique beauty of the oboe. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of this beautiful wind instrument!

November oboe events

November 2

Christopher Bouwman: Reopening cycle of the Rodrigo II Hall: New European Ensemble. In Valencia, Spain.

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November 2 and 3

Nicolas Carpentier: Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa, Bilbao, Spain

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Ligeti y el concierto para orquesta

4 November

Nicholas Stovall: Symphony In C – Concert For Young People: Peter & The Wolf: Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, United States

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Salvador Barberá: Avlos Ensemble, Apedrete, Madrid, Spain

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Alpeclassic 2023 – Concierto Avlos Ensemble

November 5 and 6

Francois Leleux: Elbohilharmonie Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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November 11

François Leleux: Dresdner Philharmonie, Dresden, Germany

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November 23 and 24

François Leleux: Stavanger Koserthus, Stavanger, Norway

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