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Oboe events April 2022 – The agenda of the oboist

The oboe events for April are here. One of the most desired moments for all oboists, when this agenda of the oboist of Medina Reeds arrives.

April 1st

Oboe Concert València Orchestra with Alexander Liebreich and François Leleux in Valencia

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April 2nd

Myths and Dreams, Contemporary oboe recital to include music by Messiaen, Adès, Britten, Helen Grime, Richard Rodney in Bethesda

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April 3rd

  • Oboe Lovers Tribute honoring the life of oboist Leslie Starr in Baltimore.

Treasured Bach in Baltimore friend, oboist Leslie Starr passed away on February 12, 2021. Since graduating from Peabody, Leslie specialized in Baroque music, and she shared her love and skill as an oboist with Bach in Baltimore for almost 25 years. Additionally, she played with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra. Leslie often told friends and colleagues that playing Bach was one of her favorite musical things to do.

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  • Summer song for oboe and piano in New Mexico

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April 6th

Da Capo Bridges: Bridging Cultures – 50th Anniversary Season Event #1 in New York

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April 8th

Five Pieces for Oboe in Budapest

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April 10th

Berliner Philharmoniker with François-Xavier Roth conductor and Albrecht Mayer Oboe d’amore

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April 22nd

Rendezvous Arts 2021/2022 Band of Five in Illinois

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April 22nd – 23rd

Diana doherty performs strauss’ oboe concerto in Sidney

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April 23rd-24th

Asociación de Doble Caña de Sevilla Competition sponsored by Medina Reeds


April 26th – 28th

Oboe Course with Jaime González sponsored by Medina Reeds

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