Miguel Angel Medina fundador Medina Reeds

Oboist of the month of December: Miguel Ángel Medina.

Maybe he did not expect it but the whole team behind Medina Reeds has decided that he is the oboist this month: Miguel Ángel Medina Monsalves. A great oboist, the founder of this website and the person behind the production of each product ofthe brand.

There is little we can say about him that has not already been said in our website, in fact we invite you to read all his bio in the section: “Us“.

What is what we like most about Miguel Ángel? He does everything with soul, affection and closeness, from creating an oboe reed to accompanying a concert. We also love how international he is and how close he is to Mexico. Although he currently works in Alcalá de Guadaíra and has the headquarters of Medina Reeds in Pilas (Seville), Miguel Ángel Medina has worked and has been traveling around the world: Guadalajara, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Karlsruhe, Balearic Islands…

Because he is a great oboist, a great teacher and a great entrepreneur, we believe that Miguel Ángel Medina is the perfect oboist of the month of December. What do you think?

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