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Oboist of the month of October: Luis Enrique Martínez

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Our outstanding oboist in the month of October is Luis Enrique Martínez. In this special month we have turned the section to have a master student that we believe can give us a very interesting vision of the oboe world.

  • . When did you start playing the oboe and why did you decide to play this instrument?

The truth is that it was my mother the person who got my sister and I into studying music. We lived in a village from Jaén, Beas de Segura, very involved in folklore, music and dance. I started to study music theory and rhythm there. From the first moment I was very curious about the oboe, I remember that with 10 years, when I left the classes at the music academy I went through the classroom of the oboe teacher, and when it was open I used to observe the classroom excited, they always had the table full of tools, machines of all kinds, staples, etc. It caught my attention a lot.

  • Can you tell us a little more about your musical training at HMDK Stuttgart? How was the experience?

Truly the start in Stuttgart was complicated, mostly because of bureaucratic issues at the conservatory. But thanks to my teacher and many hours studying German, I managed to continue being admitted to the Hochschule as an active student. It was a great sacrifice, but as I progressed in the studies I realized that, despite all the effort I had to make, the experience was worth it: meeting new people, participating in different projects organized by the Hochschule and without a doubt the training and knowledge that I have been able to acquire from my teacher and my group of classmates, I think they have made me grow not only professionally but also as a person.

  • You are currently studying an oboe master at HMT Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Leipzig. How are you living it? Do you recommend this master?

Like my previous stage in Stuttgart, I started the Master with great enthusiasm. Although my previous teacher gave me the opportunity to continue studying Master with him, I preferred to change, meet new people and take advantage of other opportunities. I found Leipzig a very successful option. As a city it is incredible for the natural environment it possesses and for being one of the European cities with the greatest respect and appreciation for music.

I am currently delighted with the Master, Nick Deutsch seems incredible to me as both an interpreter and a teacher. He is very up to date with regard to the world of orchestra tests, auditions, competitions, etc; so he always advises us with good judgment in this regard.

I honestly feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be studying with him.

  • How much time do you spend daily practicing with the oboe?

The truth is that this new stage of Master has forced me to manage better my study time, since I invest a lot of time in traveling through Germany. It is about optimizing not only the study time with the instrument but also learning to study from the score, analyzing it in detail both in style and formally and harmonically, which reduces the actual study work with the instrument and the technical work since then we start to play with a clearer organized idea of how the work should sound.

  • Is there an oboist who inspires you especially?

There are really many oboists that serve as a reference. Perhaps the most interesting is Ramón Ortega, a technically impeccable musician who manages to get a sound and a sweetness from his unique instrument. I have been able to receive classes from him and I think he is a very noble and above all humble person.

  • Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

Well, I would just like to continue enjoying music, which is what I really like, whether playing or teaching. Although today I am focused on orchestra, I consider teaching as an option. I find it a very enriching job and it fills me a lot to be able to share everything I learned these years.

The ideal would be to combine a work in orchestra while giving classes, for the moment I am putting a lot of effort into it and I hope to get it soon.

  • Can you tell us any anecdote that you have lived during your student career? Related to the oboe ?

I remember suffering a terrible outburst with the instrument. Shortly after starting to study oboe, accustomed to my two weekly studies of the mythical “Learn by playing the oboe” and some scale, one day my oboe teacher is presented with a folder of procession marches of considerable dimensions. His goal was tthat I study them all before the next procession, which took place within a few weeks. I was so overwhelmed that my first reaction was to tell my mother that I did not want to continue with the instrument …
To my surprise, she contacted my teacher explaining the situation and how I was at that time … and he graciously told her to stop talking nonsense and that I should study, that we would talk about it carefully in class … (the next week he handed me another huge folder, this time with pasodobles …).

  • What advice would you give to someone who is starting in the world of music and wants to become a professional oboist?

Mainly to trust himself/herself, the life of a musician is very sacrificed but at the same time it creates a lot of satisfaction. I want to quote a phrase that I have heard Javier Giner say, to whom I send a big hug; “The key to success is based on perseverance, work and, above all, humility.”

  • Have you tried our material for the oboe (oboe rods, shovels …)? What do you think of it?

Some colleagues talked to me very well about your material and I placed an order for some oboe canes a few weeks ago. I think it is a very well selected and good quality material, I am very happy. I was also surprised by the delivery time, it was very fast!

  • Anything you want to share with the readers of Medina Reeds?

I want to thank Medina Reeds for contacting me, I think this type of interview is a great success, it is always good to read experiences and advice from other oboist colleagues and I hope this interview will please everyone who reads it, serves as motivation and encourage to follow in this fabulous world.

Oboist of the month, Luis Enrique Martínez

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