10 quotes about music to celebrate the World Music Day.

Today June 21st we celebrate the World Music Day also known as The Fête de la musique and we celebrate it with 10 quotes about music. This is an international celebration that takes place on June 21st. The objective of this day is to promote music in two ways:

  • The musicians who celebrate it, whether they are amateurs or professionals, go out voluntarily to play in the streets, to give away some of their music
  • In many countries concerts are organized for the public completely free of charge.

This party started in France and has become international, although there are countries that celebrate it more than others. At Medina Reeds we have discovered that, in 2016, it was celebrated in more than 120 countries and this year we also wanted to celebrate it with a special promotion: 10% on Medina Reeds articles, only for 48 hours with the code MUSICA10.

In addition, we want to leave you 10 phrases about music that we have loved.

Phrases about music:

  1. Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknown
  2. Music is the soundtrack of music
  3. Music is a language we all understand
  4. Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence
  5. Without music, life would be a mistake
  6. Music exists to express the words we cannot say
  7. Music is to the soul what the gym is to the body
  8. The language of love is music
  9. Music is life and as long as it plays nothing dies forever
  10. The art of music is the closest it is to tears and memories

Would you like to add a quote yourself? Do not forget to leave it to us here in this blog article or you can also comment on our social networks: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with your phrases about your favorite music.

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