Real reviews oboe reeds

Real reviews for oboe reeds and other products from Medina Reeds.

  • I recommend Medina Reeds for its quality especially. In addition, their attention is excellent. I have tried many canes and these are the best by far. The material is very well selected and worked. A 10.
  • The treatment is always excellent!
    Materials at a super price. ?
    All of great quality.
  • Very good quality in the material, but above all I want to highlight an unbeatable personal treatment. I recommend it!!!
  • Personalized attention, great quality products.
  • Good products, at a good price and, above all, very professional attention.
  • Excellent products, a lot of variety and very professional. 100% recommendable.
  • Each reed I’ve made with the grenadilla inserted staples has been fantastic. Silky tone, stable pitch; I highly recommend!
  • Top Oboe reeds with no limit for our repertoire, perfect to enjoy every styles, periods and ensambles ???

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