Los 5 productos que necesita un oboísta para empezar bien el año.

The 5 products an oboist needs to start the year off right.

Oboist masters, there is no much left until the year 2021 ends, a year that has been complicated in many ways but wonderful in many others. In our social networks we are going to show you which is the best of the gifts that the Medina Reeds team has received us this year, so pay attention!

If we take make a balance and keep with the good stuff, we stay with you that you have been by our side despite the difficult circumstances that have surrounded this year. We thank you for joining us and for always being by our side. In addition, we leave you a small guide with the 5 products that an oboist needs to start the year well.

The 5 products an oboist needs to start the year off right:

  1. Professional oboe reeds, if you are an expert or for students if you are still learning:

What would the oboist’s life be like without good oboe reeds? A nightmare! Therefore, if you want to start 2022 in style, you will need to equip your oboe with the best possible reeds and you know, we offer you great quality! We do not know if they will be the best but they are made with a lot of love and the fact that the teachers repeat, makes us think that if they are not the best, they are the best;)

Professional standard Oboe reed
Professional standard Oboe reed
Student Oboe Reed: MAMMUT
Student Oboe Reed: MAMMUT

2. Oboe Canes with Selection Material

Our quality goes beyond oboe reeds, we also use the best material for blades. The Selection material, as its name suggests, is a material selected by ourselves following some parameters of: hardness, flexibility, appearance of the fibers, color … among materials from different brands. We choose among all the best and most beautiful pieces. Get your oboe heads now and start the year with the best sound!

Oboe canes
Oboe canes

3. Staples for oboe reeds

The great variety we offer makes it easier than ever to find the staples you need, but if you have doubts, you already know! We are here to help you.

4. The Cube – Oboe Machine

It is the machine of the machines for reedmaking and you can find it of course, in www.medinareeds.es. All the machines you need to become an expert in reedmaking, you will find them on our website! Do not doubt it 😉

The Cube - machine for oboe reeds
The Cube – machine for oboe reeds

5.Guillotine to finish the tip “Reed Machines”

To finish the tip correctly, one of the most important parts of the reed, you undoubtedly need this guillotine that is a marvel. You can get it and you will not regret it!

Guillotine to finish the tip “Reed Machines”

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