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Tips to practice playing the oboe at home.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, our houses have become improvised offices, temporary gyms, study rooms and also private and own music schools, don’t you think?

We know that it is not easy to have to learn at home without going to classrooms with classmates and teachers, so from Medina Reeds today we give you some tips so that you can fully enjoy playing the oboe at home.

Tips to practice playing the oboe at home.

  • Allocate a space in the house for your oboe studio. It may be the same one you used to use when practicing at home. This space should have good light and be as spacious as possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed. That will be your space to create music, yours and yours alone and you will have everything you need for your study.
  • Every day listen to oboe music for a while. It may be from your favorite songwriter or you can search YouTube or Spotify for new songs. Close your eyes and imagine that it is you who is playing. This simple gesture will help motivate you to want to continue learning and practicing. If you don’t have a favorite oboist yet, you can take a look at our old oboists of the month, where you can find many possibilities.  Here you can find the link!
  • Material for the oboe, you can’t miss it! We know that it is more complicated because your teacher cannot help you adjust your oboe reed, but there are still online stores that provide all that material and send it to your home. At Medina Reeds, under strict hygiene and safety protocols, we continue to make oboe reeds and send all the oboe material you need so that this is not an impediment. Also, if you have any doubts you can write or call us and we will guide you throughout the process so that you can get your perfect oboe reed online.
  • Online tutorials: if you don’t know Music BaySide yet, we recommend you take a look at it. It is an online educational project that helps you train and learn from home: In addition, it has some explanatory videos that are certainly very useful.
  • Keep practicing: even if the days are not normal, we have to make it as normal as possible. So when you wake up, take off your pajamas, put on comfortable clothes and make the most of your day as if it were a “normal” day. Get up at the same time as usual and that time you were going to oboe classes, if you can not do it online, dedicate it to practice at home. Keep your routine as active as possible and take advantage of all those minutes you had on the move and you no longer have, they can help you to practice more! As a tip, you could create a schedule to include all the activities you do during the day

Also, remember to read this article we made with tips to prepare for your entrance exams and for your oboe exams. They are tips that will help you in your daily study to avoid missing the beat ?

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