the new medina reeds

Welcome to the New Medina Reeds

New logo, renewed Website and also new packaging. Our goal is to continue improving that is why we have developed a new brand identity, we want to become the New Medina Reeds, not just a store but an universe for the oboist. For you.

  • Why did you decide to renew the design of the brand and the website?

Renew or die!! This famous quote is the reason.

I believe that it is important for all areas of life, both professional and personal, to be in constant development.

In the business, practical field, that is, the items in our store, we are always studying how to improve them, to develop them, searching for new items, business relationships with new brands… in order to offer our customers, or as we like to call them we, our family, the best items in the market, as well as a job, as those who have tried it know it, of the highest possible quality and 100% personalized for each one.

As I was saying before, we must develop in all directions, with which, it is essential, also, to create a comfortable virtual room, to house our particular virtual universe of the oboe and so that every visitor feels at home. That is why, together with the help of our dearest Patricia, we have decided to give a twist to what we had and modify it to have a fresher and more professional appearance, if its possible 😉

  • What goals do you hope to achieve?

Our main objective, as I already mentioned is our oboe family. We want to create a comfortable and pleasant place for everyone who comes to read our articles and tips, to get to know our new oboist of the month, the main oboe-related concerts worldwide, thanks to the agenda of the oboist, etc. In addition, we want to become a place where you can find what you need among all our product so that you can develop and improve your oboist life.

  • What recommendations would you make to someone who wants to pruchase oboe reeds in Medina Reeds?

My main recommendation is, that you feel at home while you are placing your order, that you do not hesitate when asking us for any recommendation or advice, to accompany you to make the process together. We will surely find what you need. So that you can dedicate yourself solely and exclusively to enjoy your musical performance, leaving us the methodical and tiring work that goes into making your oboe reeds.

  • How would you define Medina Reeds in 3 words?

As a Virtual Universe for the Oboe

  • Will there be any news soon?

This question, I’m going to leave it in the air. If you want to discover more, you will have to pay attention to our social networks 😉

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