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Why oboists should practice Mindfulness

Do you know what mindfulness is? It is a relaxation technique that teaches all people who practice it to become fully aware of our emotions and the present, the here and now, in order to eliminate the frustration or anxiety the day to day generates.

Although mindfulness is applicable to all people and to all aspects of life, at Medina Reeds we have found that practicing this technique on a day-to-day basis can be very beneficial for oboists.

Why oboists should practice Mindfulness

In this article, we give you some of the reasons why we think oboists should practice mindfulness and meditate:

• It will help you focus more on rehearsals and performances: many times while we are doing something automatically we are thinking of another hundred thousand things. This can also happen in a rehearsal or a performance. Sometimes the mind goes to other things we have to do or other thoughts. Mindfulness works above all being in the present moment and therefore it will help us to always concentrate better. Ah! And don’t forget, it can also help you focus more and better during the reedmaking process so that your oboe reeds are the best … Like ours;)

Mindfulness and meditation help mental and muscular relaxation so that mind and body will be more prepared to touch and give the best of ourselves. After all, playing the oboe means accumulating a lot of tension and thanks to this technique we can release some of that tension.

Provides positivity: many times a work is so difficult that it completely clouds our desire and positions us in a situation of negativity where we only think about how much it is going to cost us or the typical “it won’t come out”. If you practice this technique or meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, we promise you will see everything better 😉

• It helps to control breathing rhythms: in order to be in the present and be aware of the moment, we must also think about our breathing and focus it on our mind. It is very important to perceive that we are breathing and that this is what makes us feel alive. Little by little, if you practice regularly, you will identify your breathing rhythms and… All oboists know how important breathing is to play the oboe! 😉

It reduces anxiety and helps you to enjoy playing the oboe more: the other points already give a glimpse of this, by helping you concentrate, the ability to meditate helps to relax your body and mind, that touch of positivity that helps with your breathing control and can therefore reduce anxiety so that you will be able to enjoy more when playing the oboe.

Did you like this article? If you also feel that you need to apply this mindfulness process in your life, comment here, we may prepare another article with tips so that you can learn to apply it in your day to day;)

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