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Exploring Woodwind Instruments, what are they and why are they special?

In the world of music, woodwind instruments occupy a prominent place because of their distinctive sound and expressive versatility. These instruments use air to produce sound through vibrating reeds or resonance in tubes. Their charm lies in their ability to convey emotions in a unique way. In Medina Reeds we tell you what these instruments...
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Oboe Events in December – The Oboist’s Agenda:

Welcome December, a month filled with celebrations and music! At Medina Reeds, we present the most outstanding oboe events for you to fully enjoy the last melody of the year. From intimate performances to vibrant festivals, we will explore the musical gems that December has in store for oboe enthusiasts. Join us and immerse yourself...
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November oboe events – The oboist’s agenda:

November is just here and with it comes exciting oboe events that music lovers won’t want to miss! At Medina Reeds we leave you the best oboe events so you don’t miss the opportunity. We’ll explore the notable performances, concerts, and festivals that will fill the month of November with the unique beauty of the...

Optimize Your Oboe Technique with Breathing Exercises

The oboe is a magnificent instrument that requires skill and dexterity to master. In addition to proficiency in the keys and embouchure, breathing is a crucial component for successful oboe playing. On this page, we are committed to providing you not only with the finest instruments but also with the tips and exercises necessary to...
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eventos oboe octubre

October oboe events – The agenda of the oboist:

The leaves begin to fall and everything is tinged with a magical autumn air. Now that the cold is approaching and back to school is already established, it is time for music. In Medina Reeds we leave you the best oboe events so you do not miss the opportunity. Oboe events october October 1st: International...
guia elegir caña oboe estudiante

Guide to choosing an oboe reed, especial for students.

The course begins and if there is something key for oboe lessons and rehearsals, that is what reeds we are going to use. Depending on the course it is advisable to opt for one or another model that will depend on the hardness, the material and other aspects. In Medina Reeds we have created this...
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