consejos vuelta conservatorio

5 tips for the “back to the conservatory “

It’s August and the phrase “Back to school” is already ringing everywhere. This phrase can have two reactions: the one of sadness for leaving the holidays behind or the one of excitement for seeing your colleagues again. When we talk about music, we would talk about the “return to the conservatory” and the same thing...
cañas oboe energia sostenible

Your oboe reeds made with sustainable energy.

Did you know that solar energy is the renewable energy with the greatest potential? After many studies and advances, the sun has become our best friend and this is because it has the ability to guarantee energy thanks to its rays, a renewable and sustainable energy source. How can you take advantage of solar energy?...

10 quotes about music to celebrate the World Music Day.

Today June 21st we celebrate the World Music Day also known as The Fête de la musique and we celebrate it with 10 quotes about music. This is an international celebration that takes place on June 21st. The objective of this day is to promote music in two ways: The musicians who celebrate it, whether...
Your oboe announcement in

Make your oboe announcement with us

Are you organizing an oboe concert? Would you like to publicize an event for oboists? Whatever your oboe announcement is, you can do it with us! We put our social networks with over 2,700 followers on Instagram (@medina_reeds), 1,500 followers on Facebook (@medinareeds) and almost 100,000 visits to the web during the last year at...

The 10 most liked oboe posts on Instagram

Do you want to know the most liked oboe posts on Instagram? Instagram is one of our preferred communication channels. We love it when you interact with our content, when you press “like”, tell us what you like the most about the oboe and our oboe reeds, or when you mention us in your stories...
5 oboe youtube videos love

5 oboe YouTube videos that you will love.

Today from Medina Reeds we have wanted to make a compilation with five YouTube videos about oboe and oboists of all levels and places, which will surprise you and you will surely love them! Hit ‘play’ and start enjoying these wonders. 5 oboe YouTube videos that you will love. Schumann – Romances for oboe &...
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