como aprender a tocar el oboe

How to learn to play the oboe.

The oboe is a fascinating musical instrument, many musicians choose this instrument for its distinguished sound and once you start playing the oboe, you can’t stop. It is hypnotic, an almost magical feeling. Are you interested in learning to play this instrument? Do you want to learn to play the oboe? I’m Miguel Angel Medina...
por que gusta sonido oboe

Why is the sound of the oboe so pleasing?

Why is the sound of the oboe so popular? We answer this question. The oboe is one of the most beautiful and versatile instruments in the orchestra. Its sound is distinctive, with auditory warmth, in addition, penetrating sound, which is able to carry the melody and be an important element in the orchestral texture. From...
curiosidades sobre oboe

Curiosities about the oboe that will interest you.

Curiosities about the oboe: The oboe can be a complicated instrument to play, it is also somewhat more unknown, but all oboists who play it agree on one thing, it has a unique sound and that makes the challenge of becoming an oboist worthwhile because it makes us as unique as the instrument. In Medina...
tipos cañas de oboe

The different types of oboe reeds at Medina Reeds

Not all oboe reeds are the same, not all have the same hardness or the same characteristics, different types of reeds are created so that they can adapt to the needs of each oboist from beginners to professionals. In this article I tello you all the types of oboe reeds that you can find at...
how to use the cube

How to use “The Cube” for scraping oboe reeds.

There are very few companies that have at their disposal the famous and magnificent tool for scraping oboe reeds called ‘The Cube’. It is a machine of great value that we not only have for sale at, but we also have one in our studio. What do I want to tell you with this?...
cañas oboe energia sostenible

Your oboe reeds made with sustainable energy.

Did you know that solar energy is the renewable energy with the greatest potential? After many studies and advances, the sun has become our best friend and this is because it has the ability to guarantee energy thanks to its rays, a renewable and sustainable energy source. How can you take advantage of solar energy?...
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