curiosidades sobre oboe

Curiosities about the oboe that will interest you.

Curiosities about the oboe: The oboe can be a complicated instrument to play, it is also somewhat more unknown, but all oboists who play it agree on one thing, it has a unique sound and that makes the challenge of becoming an oboist worthwhile because it makes us as unique as the instrument.

In Medina Reeds we love to give visibility to the oboe as it is the center of our business and our family so this time we wanted to talk on the blog about some curiosities about the oboe that we think you might be interested in.

Curiosities about the oboe:

1. The oboe belongs to the woodwind family of instruments:

The oboe belongs to the woodwind family, which also includes the flute, English horn, clarinet and bassoon. Today, these instruments can be made of metal, plastic, wood or a combination of these materials.

2. The oboe plays an important role in concerts:

The oboe sound is one of the most characteristic sounds in an orchestra or band. Its sound is often used to add style and sparkle to a composition.

3. There are usually between 2 and 3 oboes in an orchestra:

An orchestra usually includes two or three oboes and an English horn in the band. The English horn acts as a tenor voice, providing depth to the sound of the two oboes.

curiosities about oboe

4. The oboe reed is key:

Oboe reeds are the reason why the oboe sounds so good. For the best oboe playing experience and the most beautiful sound, you need a reed that is easy to blow and with which you can get a solid tone.

5. The oboe needs careful maintenance:

The oboe needs constant maintenance to extend its life. As it is a delicate instrument, it is necessary to make adjustments with care and to clean it constantly.

6. The oboe plays an important role in generating emotion in films:

Oboes are renowned instruments in the film industry, and have appeared in well-known films such as The Godfather and Star Wars.

7. The word ‘oboe’ in English does not represent what it means in its word of origin: hautbois:

The English word “oboe” is a corruption of the French word for oboe, hautbois, which is a compound word made from haut meaning “high” and bois, meaning “wood”.

8. The oboe is one of the most difficult wind instruments to play: it takes time before the oboist can even produce a pleasant sound, and beginners often find themselves in the situation that they have little ability to control it.

Do you want to know more curiosities about the oboe? Then you can’t miss this article we prepared earlier: 10 curiosities about oboes, oboists and reeds.

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