Musician of the month
entrevista oboista sandra romero

Interview with oboist Sandra Romero – Oboist of the month.

Sandra Romero is a wonderful oboist originally from Colombia, who lives now in Brazil, with a wonderful experience in pedagogy. In fact, she has a master’s degree in Didactics and Music Pedagogy, she is a Pedagogical Coordinator and Teacher at Neojiba, and, to top it off, she has a degree from the Central University of...
Musician of the month
entrevista vicente moronta oboísta

Interview with Vicente Moronta, oboist of the month

Today we interview Vicente Moronta, an original oboist from Venezuela who for more than twelve years was a member of the “Simon Bolivar” Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. Vicente is also a member of the Organizing Committee of “El Oboe y sus Laberintos” in Venezuela, a pedagogical, artistic and social project that fosters the country’s young...
entrevista a Sameer Al Abdullah

Interview to Sameer Al Abdullah

Sameer is an oboe student enjoying his path to become an oboist. He is also a photographer and very active with us in Social Media, we enjoy every “like” we get from him so we are excited to have this interview. We want to get to know you better Sameer so here are our questions:...
Musician of the month
interview to María Belén Pérez oboísta

Interview to María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month of March

On this occasion we travel to Ecuador, a country of extraordinary beauty and with incredible oboists like María Belén Pérez, to whom we have awarded the title of oboist of the month. We want to know you better María Belén so there are our questions. Interview with María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month...
Musician of the month
interview fran alvarez oboist

Interviewing Fran Álvarez, oboist of the month of December.

This time we wanted to interview an oboist who is very close to our headquarters. His name is Fran Álvarez and we have him very close in Santiponce (Seville) We want to know you better Fran so here are our questions. Interviewing the oboist Fran Álvarez: When did you start playing the oboe? I started...
Musician of the month
interview Emma Van Der Galiën

Interview to oboist Emma Van Der Galiën.

Emma Van Der Galiën, better known on social media as @emmalovesoboe is not just a beautiful face but also a very talented oboist as you can see on her Instagram. We were amazed by all the content she creates and all her dedication to the oboe, and that is why we have decided to interview...
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