Musician of the month
interview to María Belén Pérez oboísta

Interview to María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month of March

On this occasion we travel to Ecuador, a country of extraordinary beauty and with incredible oboists like María Belén Pérez, to whom we have awarded the title of oboist of the month. We want to know you better María Belén so there are our questions. Interview with María Belén Pérez – Oboist of the month...
Musician of the month
interview fran alvarez oboist

Interviewing Fran Álvarez, oboist of the month of December.

This time we wanted to interview an oboist who is very close to our headquarters. His name is Fran Álvarez and we have him very close in Santiponce (Seville) We want to know you better Fran so here are our questions. Interviewing the oboist Fran Álvarez: When did you start playing the oboe? I started...
Musician of the month
interview Emma Van Der Galiën

Interview to oboist Emma Van Der Galiën.

Emma Van Der Galiën, better known on social media as @emmalovesoboe is not just a beautiful face but also a very talented oboist as you can see on her Instagram. We were amazed by all the content she creates and all her dedication to the oboe, and that is why we have decided to interview...
Musician of the month
entrevista oboísta andres Cordova

Interview to the oboist Andrés Córdova.

Today we travel to Venezuela to interview a fantastic oboist whom we have met thanks to Instagram ( His name is Andrés Córdova and he is the first oboe in the Simón Bolívar Orchestra of Venezuela, he is also part of the Cantabile Quintet. We want to know you better Andrés, so here there are...
Musician of the month
Entrevista oboísta Javier Perez Castillo

Interview with the oboist Javier Perez Castillo.

To inaugurate the new brand image on this occasion, we wanted to have an oboist friend of the brand. This is Javier Pérez Castillo, co-principal oboe of the Oviedo Filarmonia. An excellent oboist who also has a beautiful and well-worked Instagram profile. Today we are going to ask Javier some questions in this interview: When...
Musician of the month
Interview to Juri Vallentin

Interview to Juri Vallentin

Juri Vallentin has been praised as one of the most promising wind soloists of his generation and of course we could not miss the opportunity of interviewing this amazing oboist who is only 30 years old. We recommend you to read his amazing and very interesting biography here: But in case you want to...
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