como gestionar feedback para oboista

As an oboist, how should I manage the feedback and comments I receive?

Musicians, and oboists among them, receive feedback constantly, some comments are constructive but many others can be harmful so it is important to know how to manage receiving feedback from others. How to manage feedback for oboists: Whether you like it or not, a job in music, being something abstract and totally subjective, will undoubtedly...
comprar cañas estudiante

How to purchase oboe reeds for students

Has your son or daughter developed a great passion for the oboe and you don’t know where to find or how to purchase reeds to make their oboe sound fantastic right out of the box? Do not worry! You are in the right place. We are Medina Reeds an international company dedicated to the oboe...
consejos vuelta conservatorio

5 tips for the “back to the conservatory “

It’s August and the phrase “Back to school” is already ringing everywhere. This phrase can have two reactions: the one of sadness for leaving the holidays behind or the one of excitement for seeing your colleagues again. When we talk about music, we would talk about the “return to the conservatory” and the same thing...
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