how to use the cube

How to use “The Cube” for scraping oboe reeds.

There are very few companies that have at their disposal the famous and magnificent tool for scraping oboe reeds called ‘The Cube’. It is a machine of great value that we not only have for sale at, but we also have one in our studio. What do I want to tell you with this? That we can make videos for you or give you personalized recommendations so that you can learn to use it. There are at your disposal, both with standard and custom templates. If you have any questions, contact us and we will answer them.

What are the characteristics of this tool?

  • Tip length can be adjusted.
  • The position of the end of scraping and the length of scraping can be adjusted.
  • The end of the scraping can be in V or in W.
  • The thickness of the tip is adjustable.
  • The force of the blade is also adjustable.
  • The thickness of the end of the scrape is adjustable, while the thickness of the tip remains the same, this is by far the most important setting of the profiler.
  • The knife is rotated and can be used in multiple positions, giving a life to the edge of thousands of reeds.
  • The reed can rotate 180º without removing the reed from the machine. With this function, you can scrape the two parts of the reed very symmetrically, having a more efficient scraping.
  • The machine has a very hard box for storage.

How to use ‘The Cube’?

If you have any question, you can ask us and we can advise you personally through a video call or making a video, you also have this small graphic tutorial so that you can see more or less how to use it:

How does the student oboe reed sound after using ‘The Cube’?

We show you an example but we highlight that this is a student oboe reed just out of the machine. Then you have to retouch and improve it.

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