music therapy breast cancer

How Music Therapy Can Help Breast Cancer Patients.

Tomorrow, October 19, the international day against breast cancer will be celebrated and from Medina Reeds we wanted to dedicate an article to music therapy, since this form of complementary treatment can help breast cancer patients in a very positive way and we believe that both the music like patients suffering from this disease deserve this article.

What is music therapy?

According to the World Federation of Music Therapy, this term refers to the use of music and / or its elements (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony) with a patient or group of patients, in a process created to facilitate, promote communication , relationships, learning, movement, expression, organization, and other relevant therapeutic goals to meet physical, emotional, mental, social, and cognitive needs.

Music therapy aims to develop potential and / or restore the functions of the individual in such a way that he can achieve a better intra and / or interpersonal integration and consequently a better quality of life through prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.

How does this therapy help breast cancer patients?

It was the Taipei Medical University (Taiwan) that has developed a study that has given the following conclusion: listening to music at home reduces the severity of symptoms, the intensity of pain and the fatigue experienced by patients with breast cancer .

For the study, published in the “European Journal of Cancer Care,” 60 participants listened to music in five 30-minute sessions per week. After 6, 12 and 24 weeks, music therapy reduced the severity of symptoms, as well as the intensity of pain and fatigue. Furthermore, it instantly reduced physical and mental fatigue.

“The use of music can help the physical and psychological well-being of patients,” explained the study’s lead author, Kuei-Ru Chou. He has also recommended that home music interventions be given to breast cancer patients to reduce their negative thoughts associated with the disease.

From Medina Reeds we send a message of support to all patients who suffer from this disease and we invite everyone, patients and non-patients to apply music therapy on a day-to-day basis for all the wonderful benefits that music brings us.

Music therapy breast cancer

“Hamburg, 1996, Clinical Practice Committee of the World Federation of Music Therapy”. nineteen ninety six.

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