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Oboe events April 2023 – Agenda of the oboist

April has arrived! You can already smell the scent of flowers and spring, the days are longer and Easter is just around the corner. From Medina Reeds, we bring you all the oboe events for the month of April, fantastic!

April 1st:

Harmonia Chamber Players, featuring pianist Joseph Vaz in Seattle

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April 4th:

Holliger directs a Holliger. Oboe y Director Heinz Holliger. Madrid

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April 13th:

Snohomish Concert Series: Made In America with the Puget Sounds Quintet in Snohomish

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April 14th:

Presentation: “Trio de Maderas” in Pilar Bayona Auditorium

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April 14th:

Emerald City Music: Windsync ft. Nathalie Joachim in Seattle

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April 15th:

Emerald City Music: Windsync ft. Nathalie Joachim in Olympia

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April 16th:

Oregon Symphony Kids Series: Peter & The Wolf

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April 21st:

Victoria Baroque: Handel Chandos Anthems in Victoria (Canada)

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23 and 24th of april:

Staatsorchester Stuttgart

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April 23rd:

CSKG Chamber Orchestra CSKG Graduate Concert

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April 27th:

Midtown Concerts: The Dryden Ensemble – An Eyewitness Guide to Versailles in Nueva York

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April 28th:

Albinoni, rose and friends in Oxford

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