X Oboe Festival Palma

X Oboe Festival Palma: The most awaited event.

The X Oboe Festival Palma is here! As every year, Aula de Oboe of the Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands returns to give life to the Oboe Festival Palma, one of the most popular oboe festivals.

This event will consist of 6 days of individual and group classes on interpretation, instrumental technique, contemporary techniques and orchestral repertoire that we will detail later.

Medina Reeds will be present! During the event there will be a space for instrument repair and exhibitions where you will be able to see our materials and where we will give a masterclass on the reedmaking process. In addition, Angel Martinez will show some basic aspects of instrumental maintenance while checking small misalignments of the instruments of the active students.

Oboe Festival Palma
Sponsors of Oboe Festival Palma

Festival prices:

Active students 280€

Listening students 90€

Some of the activities:

Day 1 – March 14th:

Masterclass with Thomas Indermühle, Dudu Carmel, Petar Hristov, Javier Arnal and Bruno Lucas

Day 2:

It’s our day! We will be giving workshops on reed making and exhibiting our material.

There will also be a concert by guest masters of the Festival: Thomas Indermühle, Dudu Carmel, Petar Hristov, Javier Arnal, Bruno Lucas and Magí Garcías.

Where to register?

You can register through this link until February 28th: https://www.sites.google.com/view/oboefestivalpalma/edici%C3%B3n-2022?authuser=0

Who is behind the organization of this event?

Our great friend Bruno Lucas, oboe teacher at the Conservatory of the Balearic Islands. You can see here another workshop we did with this colleague: https://medinareeds.es/en/oboe-masterclass-workshop-bruno-lucas/. Bruno besides being an incredible teacher is a wonderful oboist is the main guest oboe in the @orquestracambra , appears in numerous projects and festivals of the islands. His pedagogical facet stands out, which he performs in centers dedicated to all levels.  

Be sure to follow him on intagram @brunolucasperez to get inspired by his talent. A professional who has always trusted us, thank you!

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