Resumen de Medina Reeds en el X Oboe Festival Palma

summary of Medina Reeds at the X Oboe Festival Palma

In our last blog article we already told you about the most awaited oboe event, the X Oboe Festival Palma organized from March 1st to 14th by Aula de Oboe del Conservatorio Superior de Música.

Today I wanted to bring you pictures of the beautiful experience that the Medina Reeds team was lucky enough to live in this Festival.

We were at the Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands with a table that would undoubtedly be the dream of any student or professional oboist:

What attracted the most the attention of oboists:

Undoubtedly of all the elements present here, what attracted the most attention were the oboes on sale and on display, the bucket which is undoubtedly THE MACHINE of the machines for making reeds, the Josef oboes, of which we are official distributors in Spain and of course, the Medina Reeds oboe reeds, our product par excellence.

What we did at the Oboe Festival Palma:

In addition to exhibiting all our products and being present to explain them one by one, give advice and recommendations, we were also able to show the process of reedmaking and give advice to all those students and oboists who were interested to help them make and improve their reeds.

The result?

The result was more than satisfactory with many students present, many doubts resolved and many reeds left in the company of oboists.

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