Consejos para mejorar como oboísta

Tips to improve as an oboist.

In this blog article we are going to give you several tips to improve as an oboist and become a better musician in less time. You can follow all the tips or just some of them, you decide 😉

Tips to improve as an oboist:

  • Practice the different techniques:

Playing the instrument is not necessarily the same as practicing. When professional oboists practice with the oboe: scales, reed exercises, long notes… They work hard to improve their technique.

We recommend that you establish a practice or warm-up regimen or schedule, not for playing but for practicing. Remember that you should not only practice scales and exercises to maintain your skills, you should also challenge yourself to master all the new things you learn.

  • To be patient:

This is one of the most important qualities in an oboist, especially if you are just starting out. No one masters the oboe overnight, you will encounter many obstacles and difficulties, but it is a matter of time, patience and effort to become a good oboist.

Tip: Don’t take out your frustrations on the oboe or reeds. Keep calm and keep practicing.

  • Set goals:

In any profession it is essential to set realistic goals and strive to achieve them. They can be short term goals, such as practicing 1 hour every day or learning a new piece. Or they can be more comprehensive long-term goals such as mastering the process of making oboe reeds or reedmaking.

  • Have fun:

Although it is important to work on scales and other (sometimes more boring) techniques, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. A good idea is to learn and practice your favorite pieces or try new things. The worst thing for an oboist is for playing to become a chore and not an enjoyable experience.

  • Play the oboe with other people or practice with other oboists:

Whether you want to form a new ensemble, or just want to enjoy a music session with your friends, playing in a group can help you improve your technique as well as perfect your timing and improvisational skills.

Playing with others can expose you to new ideas and methods, and it’s a great way to get honest feedback on your playing.

  • Find a teacher or a tutor:

Going to lessons is one of the most effective ways to become a better oboist, whatever your level. There is always something new to learn, and a professional tutor or teacher can help you develop new techniques and improve old ones.

If you’re financially strapped for cash, you can always opt for a more self-taught method, like learning from one of the thousands of YouTube videos out there on the oboe. One channel we love is MusicBaySide.

  • Search for resources on the Internet:

As said before, there are plenty of free resources for oboists who want to improve their skills and learn new pieces. You can also count on the advice or consultations of professionals from oboe stores as is our case. In Medina Reeds we are ready to help you in whatever you need.

  • Getting out of the comfort zone:

It is often tempting to stick with what we already know, but as an oboist, you should try to get out of your comfort zone as often as possible, discover new ways of playing and constantly challenge yourself. Yes, it can be frustrating, and yes, it will be hard work, but the reward of mastering something new is the best.

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