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5 reasons why you will be afraid to play the oboe and 5 tips to overcome fear.

Well, at Medina Reeds we strive to give more visibility to our beloved instrument and to the brave oboists who dare to challenge and that is why our blog is dedicated to both oboists and articles of interest. In this case we have written an article with which we hope you feel identified and we give you 5 tips to overcome fear of an instrument that despite the difficulty it offers, produces a beautiful sound that undoubtedly compensates.

5 reasons why you will be afraid of playing the oboe:

  • Problems or difficulties with the technique.

Since its origin, centuries ago, the oboe has undergone many important changes. These modifications have been made to simplify the oboe’s technical challenges, but it is true that no scale in the oboe is perfectly in tune, requiring the oboist to put twice as much effort into technique to tune the note.

  • Problems with oboes reeds

To play the oboe you not only need the instrument, you also need quality oboe reeds, but it is not always easy to find an oboe reed that makes you feel safe. Many times you need to customize yours to feel good about the sound of your oboe and in the end this is an added difficulty. A difficulty that at Medina Reeds we try to solve so that you do not have to worry about your reeds, we do them for you and if, by chance, you need help, we help you ?

  • Non-oboist people tend to think of the oboe as a clarinet

It seems silly, but even some of us oboists before choosing the oboe, as our instrument, have had doubts about the differences between one instrument and another, if not for the difference in its mouthpiece. Even, for fear of being asked what is an oboe? Sometimes in the end the musicians opt for the clarinet, a bad decision in our opinion, they do not know what they have missed out ?

  • The expenses of playing the oboe

Unfortunately, if you play the oboe for sure you know it, the oboe has one of the highest costs among wind instruments. In addition to that it is recommended to replace your oboe every 10 or 15 years (even earlier); There are other items that add to the expenses like shovels, oboe reeds and other tools.

  • The first years of your oboe courses you will probably not find a beautiful a sound

Do not be scared if when you start playing the oboe, the sound is not like what you have heard in a video or CD, it takes practice to get to control the sound, although in the end, we assure you, the reward is amazing!

After giving you these 5 inconveniences to play the oboe we will tell you why it is worth it!

  • Playing the oboe is challenging, but if you dare you will become a constant and brave person who can handle everything. It will be a lifetime achievement.
  • You will meet excellent musicians throughout your career, oboists and other musicians who will help and teach you whenever needed. Playing the oboe is complicated, but it unites the companions a lot so that a beautiful big family is created among us.
  • If you find a good teacher to guide you and help you, you will discover that it is not as complicated as they say. It is just about putting a lot of desire and that they help to take a good path for you.
  • Although the oboe is little known among the general population, it is a well-known instrument in the musical community where it brings much prestige to oboists.
  • Making oboe reeds is very comforting. Although the reeds seem to add one more inconvenience to the list of difficulties because it is not easy to make them and much less that at the beginning they turn out well (especially for a concert) if it is true that, with the current machinery, the reedmaking process is now easier than ever. In addition, you will find websites like ours where you will be able to find everything your oboe needs in one click and we will also advise and accompany you.

If you still have doubts about whether you should choose the oboe, as an instrument, or what model or brand of instrument, once you decide to play it, it best suits your level, ask us and we will help you make the decision by advising you closely and familiarly, such as we like.

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