best oboist account Instagram

The best oboists accounts to follow on Instagram.

This month we have not been able to have an oboist agenda since all the oboe events for April have been canceled or postponed, but we are going to propose our favorite oboe and oboist Instagram accounts so that you can continue enjoying the best music and best oboists.

Oboists Instagram accounts:

  1. @leleuxfrancois: you will be able to see this great oboist through his videos on Instagram and IG TV. You will not be able to see him at a physical concert but the truth is that it is a delight to be able to enjoy his videos on social networks.
  2. @oboejones: Claire Brazeau is the lead oboist for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. She is recognized as one of the leading American oboists of her generation and certainly knows how to move social media very well. It is a pleasure to see her on Instagram. Definitely a dose of motivation.
  3. @janice___chen: she inspires with her photos of herself and the oboe. We love her profile and we certainly love her!
  4. @volkanisilay: From Istanbul Volkan Işılay shows us how he plays from home. Precious the sound of this artist.
  5. @brunolucasperez: Surely you already knew! A close friend of our founder, Bruno is always sharing quality content on his networks. Also at
  6. @musicbayside: It is another account that we will never get tired of recommending. Her Instagram, her blog, her YouTube channel, we like all about her!
  7. @helenedevilleneuve: flowers, a cat and the oboe. These are undoubtedly the main elements of Hélène Devilleneuve’s photos. An oboist that we love.
  8. @robmoralesc: a clear example that leisure and music can go hand in hand. His Instagram combines both aspects.
  9. @miriampastorburgos: She was oboist of the month and would be every month because we love both his photos and his music.
  10. @theoboetroubadour: Luca de la Florin is an oboist who considers himself a traveler and a Lego enthusiast. We really like his Instagram profile.
  11. @spencercrubin: despite his youth, the oboe looks great on him. We don’t just like his Instagram. We also love his YouTube channel.
  12. @alessandraoboe: With a charismatic smile, she shows a proud profile picture with Albrech Mayer. He is also one of our favorite oboists!
  13. @adrianbuzacoboe: a friend of the brand that we follow because he transmits closeness to us and because we really like everything it conveys.
  14. @hesamsadafinejad: He shared a video with us and we loved it! So he could not be missing from this list 😉
  15. @Jurivallentin: We discovered him a little while ago and the truth is that we really liked his profile where he shares art but also his life as an oboist.

And of course, it couldn’t be less! We recommend ours;)

We also recommend you of course our website to buy all your material for the oboe 😉

Any other Instagram account that you recommend us?

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