Music and love

Music and love, how does music affect feelings and vice versa?

Today we have decided to write an article about music, feelings and love. And it is sure that you have also listened to a song and reminded you of someone or stoked your feelings towards that person so dear, whether your partner, a friend or a relative.

The psychology of music is a very interesting field that began to be studied in the twentieth century as it was shown that music was closely related to emotional intelligence. After all, music is a universal language that we all understand and that affects how we feel and live.

How does love affect music?

Love is one of the most used feelings by the interpreters in the lyrics of their songs and by the composers when writing their works. In short, love has often been the muse of oboists and many other artists.

How does music affect love?

Música y sentimientos
Música y sentimientos

Music is a fundamental part in love, every couple has a song and it is proven that it comes from a certain moment that is stored in our brain thanks to that melody, usually a beautiful memory.

A song also has the power to arouse emotions, get you to cry or smile; Music has a great capacity to make us feel and not only romantic love, it is also a factor that accompanies other types of love and feelings.

It is said that music is an imitation of the things closest to life. However, some things cannot be expressed through verbal language. Music can replace language and only if we can explain ourselves through music can we really understand why it gives us these feelings.

There is a phrase that defines this relationship between music and love very well: “Love and music are not seen, but they feel and enjoy themselves as nothing in life.

Also, Robert Zatorre, professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the Montreal Neurological Institute, has discovered that the brain releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, when listening to music. Guess what else releases dopamine? Sex! Conclusion? Both sex and music turn on!

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