Reasons to love the oboe

Some days ago we asked our followers what was what they liked the most about the oboe and we got some responses we would love to share with you. Here you can find some.


“I like everything about the oboe …. There is no more beautiful instrument in the musical universe…. The most beautiful sound in the world, delicate, deep, dramatic, graceful…. Physically it is also beautiful…. Even the sheer difficulty in playing it I like…. It’s part of what makes the Oboe a unique instrument… Like the aniseed in a sweet full of ingredients where it stands out above all the other flavours… So is the oboe in the orchestra and in music. Its presence is always noticeable in the middle of all the others…. “


“Its reeds, it’s the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever seen.”


“I love how expressive and penetrating its sound is, it reaches the bowels at the first note.


“Its rebelliousness and majesty together with its reeds is the most meticulous work”.


” I like so much the sound center do, it’s amazing for me “


“I love how unique the sound is and how malleable that sound can be: it can be manoeuvered in almost any way”

Tell us you too what do you like the most of the oboe and we will add it in this article 😉

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